Virtualbox is a Free Open Source alternative to Parallels Desktop.

Ideal for a web designer on a budget who would like to install Windows browsers on their intel mac.

I have 3 different Windows Xp virtual machines running IE6, IE7 & IE8 for cross browser testing of my websites and it has been working flawlessly for over 12 months.

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New iPhone version of

we are pleased to announce the launching of an iPhone version of the new site is at but our browser detection script should automatically redirect you there if you browse to our website using either an iPhone or iPod Touch.

The website uses the iPhone accelerometer to navigate the website you will initially land on the home page but if you rotate your iPhone 90 Deg anti-clockwise you will see our contact details or rotate your iPhone 90 Deg clockwise to see some of our work.

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Pixus : The Pixel Ruler

This Adobe Air App allows you to measure the size in pixels of anything on your screen, very handy for measuring whitespace gaps on a webpage to trackk down errant css, or for measuring img sizes or the size of an area on the page so you know what size image is required.

For any designer this is a great timesaver, I use this constantly. Oh and did I say it’s completely FREE.

Product Link :

Adobe Air Runtime :

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What the Font!

What the Font!This great resource allows you to upload an image to the website then tries to match the font. A truly great time saver for any designer who has spent hours trawling through cd font libraries trying to match a client’s font.

Now also available as an iPhone application which allows you to match fonts from a photo.

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Welcome to Kevin Moran’s blog

On here I will be sharing some of the latest trends in web design and development, along with links to some useful services and applications. These will be aimed at a variety of user levels, not just at designers and coders but also at internet users in general.

For my website customers, I hope to be able to give you an insight into ways to make your website work better for you. Things you can do to try and push your brand and hopefully create more business.

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